Let’s talk about hiring. If you own a business, you know only too well how daunting the prospect of filling open roles can be. This task is not simply about finding a competent person to add to your workforce. It’s about finding the absolute right person—someone who embodies your values and can contribute to your vision.  

So, how do you navigate this complicated task while balancing all other aspects of your company? Enter Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  

Before our HR pros at Vested HR explain the basics of applicant tracking systems, remember this—optimizing your hiring process with the right tech is not merely a business decision, it’s an investment in your organization’s future.  

Hiring decisions could spell the difference between welcoming a game-changing superstar into your team or settling for a less-than-perfect fit. Yes, it’s that important!  

An ATS optimizes hiring by improving: 

  • #1. Job posting 
  • #2. Resume Collection 
  • #3. Resume Screening 
  • #4. Ranking Applicants 
  • #5. System Integration 

Let’s discuss this more in-depth.  


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How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work? 

First, it’s crucial to understand what these systems are. Essentially, they are software applications that simplify the hiring process. 


Think of an ATS as your company’s recruitment assistant.  

It efficiently manages job postings and collects and organizes resumes.  


This digital tool screens resumes, ranks candidates based on an employer’s set criteria, and then highlights the most promising applicants for the employer’s review.  


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What Do Applicant Tracking Systems Streamline? 

There are many ways that this system can help make hiring less stressful  including:  


#1. Job Posting 


The ATS helps employers create and distribute job postings. It disperses the job post to multiple platforms, including job boards, social media networks, and the company’s website. 


#2. Resume Collection 


It aggregates and stores resumes received from various channels, creating a single, searchable database. 


#3. Resume Screening 


Using keywords and phrases defined by the employer, it scans resumes, helping to filter out unqualified candidates. 

Running on a unique algorithm, an ATS system filters people applying based on predefined criteria such as: 

  • Keywords 
  • Skills 
  • Former employers 
  • Years of experience 
  • Schools attended 

This leaves you with the most suitable applicants, practically doing the difficult part of sifting and shortlisting for you.  


#4. Ranking Applicants 


The ATS ranks candidates, often giving a score based on how well the resume matches the job description. This makes it much easier for you to choose those applicants that you want to move on to the next part of the hiring process.  


#5. System Integration 


Many systems can integrate with interview scheduling tools, background check providers, and HR systems for a seamless experience. 

They can also send automated emails, save resumes for future reference, and even schedule interviews. All these features significantly cut down on admin tasks, allowing you more time to focus on getting the right talent onboard. 


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The Role of PEO Services in Streamlining Your Hiring


By leveraging the advanced technology offered by Vested HR’s PEO services, you can efficiently manage job postings, track applicant progress, and screen candidates effectively. This results in saving time and resources while ensuring that you can attract top talent for your organization. 


With customizable features tailored to your specific needs, our ATS empowers you to create a more efficient and streamlined recruitment workflow that aligns with your goals and values. 


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We’re In(Vested) In Your Growth!  


As you can see, an applicant tracking system can streamline the hiring process by efficiently sorting and organizing candidate applications. This not only saves time but also ensures a more objective evaluation of each applicant based on predefined criteria.  


With the right system in place, you can redirect your energy towards strategic recruitment efforts, improved efficiency, better candidate experiences, and ultimately, successful hires.  


Ready to find top talent for your business? Contact our human-focused team at Vested HR for a consultation at (727) 474-2114 or (844) 928-0925! 



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