Hiring the perfect candidates is crucial to your company’s success, but the recruiting and hiring process can be a stressful and time-consuming process. With an applicant tracking system in place, many of the headaches associated with the hiring process can thankfully be streamlined, creating a more efficient and effective experience so you can focus on hiring the best. 


Today, we share all about applicant tracking systems and how it works for your growing business! Have any questions after the article? Remember to call on our national HR experts; we’re happy to help you.  

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What is an Applicant Tracking System?  


An applicant tracking system is a centralized space for all the information about sourcing and tracking your candidates as they apply and move through the hiring process.  


Applicant tracking systems help companies organize and  

analyze large numbers of applicants at once.  


An applicant tracking system can include: 


  • One-click job postings 
  • Interview scheduling tools 
  • Approval flows 
  • Employee onboarding 
  • Document management 
  • And more  


The best part? An applicant tracking system can be of help from the moment someone applies and beyond to their first day of work. Here’s to supporting your team every step of the way!  

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Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System  


There are many benefits to adopting this kind of system for hiring, and ultimately it can save you and your business time and money. Here’s how:  


#1. Saving Time and Resources 


Setting up and tracking your hiring process can be messy and time-consuming. By offering simple-to-use tools that expedite the process, an applicant tracking system eliminates the busywork associated with recruiting by finally removing pointless processes and offering guidance along the way.


The structure that an applicant tracking system offers saves time at every stage of the process, from the capability to incorporate approval flows to the ability to create personalized hiring workflows.


Plus, integrated calendars allow you to view everyone’s availability at a glance, making scheduling interviews a breeze.  


#2. Managing Candidates in One Place 


When hiring new talent, we all know it can be hard to keep track of applicants. Your hiring procedure stays more organized if all of your candidate information is kept in a centralized place. 


  • Hiring managers can adjust the display to fit their needs by using filters to arrange candidates into categories like the recruiting stage.
  • Also, managers have the ability to produce reports, such as interview-related feedback, for sharing with important decision-makers.


Last but not least, you’ll be able to track where your greatest talent is coming from and which job posts are receiving the most interest with the use of this kind of technology.


#3. Easy Job Posting 


It’s not necessary to write and rewrite job advertising to search widely for new talent. You can post job openings to many platforms simultaneously with the help of an applicant tracking system, saving time and giving you valuable information about which platforms are producing the best candidates.


With the time and effort that you’ll save, you can concentrate on creating job descriptions that will draw the best candidates to your company.


#4. Streamlined Onboarding 


Once you hire the right candidates, it’s time to welcome them into the fold with a great onboarding experience.  


Most successful companies start the  

onboarding process before the first day. 


A new hire’s first week at work is about getting the correct information so they can easily integrate into your team, from the offer letter to payroll setup and orientation.


Automating these processes with an applicant tracking system demonstrates your company’s organizational skills and provides prospective hires with direction and structure right away.


#5. Less Paperwork Stress


By digitizing the onboarding documentation, you may save time and, ultimately, money. With an applicant tracking system, document management capabilities for electronically signing onboarding documents, storing documents, or e-verifying important documents like background checks will be stored in an employee’s central profile for quick access. No more paperwork headaches!  


#6. Enhanced Hiring Compliance


Company compliance is the final, and most crucial, obstacle to overcome after an employee has been onboarded and all the documentation has been completed.


Automating these processes makes sure that you are in compliance with all rules and regulations, which can be a full-time job in and of itself.


An applicant tracking system can ensure compliance with: 



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Stress-Free Recruiting  


If you’re looking for an HR solution to help you recruit and onboard top talent, lean on our professionals at Vested HR!  


We will help you integrate an applicant tracking system into your hiring process that allows you to keep all your hiring data in one convenient place, ensuring that the process is streamlined and enjoyable for you and your applicants!  


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