As an auto dealership owner, you have A LOT on your plate. From inventory to employee retention/ acquisition, customer service, and let’s not forget the competition… you wear many hats. But you don’t have to!  


Outsourcing HR services to a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) can be an effective solution for dealerships looking to maximize success AND the bottom line.  


When it comes to your human resources (HR), some benefits of outsourcing these admin tasks include:   


#1. Better Compliance  

#2. Greater Peace of Mind  

#3. Access to HR Technology Solutions  

#4. Streamline Processes  

#5. Improved Business Focus  


You don’t have to feel stressed by HR tasks and compliance! Our team explores why to upgrade your human resources and start scaling your company growth.  

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR  


#1. Better Compliance  


It can be a challenge for any organization to keep up with all employment laws, be it federal or state. This is why outsourcing HR and partnering with a PEO makes sense as it helps businesses comply with the laws related to taxes, wages, benefits, and insurance; reducing the risks associated with non-compliance.  


Discover More > How Does a PEO Simplify HR Compliance?  


#2. Payroll & Workers’ Compensation Administration  


Payroll and workers’ compensation administration are important responsibilities for business owners, but they can become overwhelming.   


  • While improper payroll management can result in expensive mistakes, a lack of oversight on workers’ compensation claims can expose companies to liability concerns and audits. 


  • It is frequently necessary to keep up with changing tax laws, employee deductions, and other compliance requirements across numerous jurisdictions while managing payroll. 


We have experts who specialize in comprehensive payroll and workers comp services that will help simplify your HR workload, that way, you can focus on the dealership. 


#3. Access to HR Technology Solutions  


Access to HR technology solutions has become an increasingly important factor for organizations of all sizes. With the right technology and solution providers, businesses can gain access to HR tools that help streamline the hiring process, manage payroll and employee benefits, administer training programs, and much more.  


Outsourcing HR and partnering with PEO may be an ideal option for some businesses wanting to use state-of-the-art HR technologies without having to invest in costly software or hardware.   


#4. Access to Employee Benefits   


Employee benefits are an important part of maintaining a successful business. A happy workforce is key to your success! Human Resources departments are responsible for creating and managing employee benefits packages, but the task can feel daunting. Outsourcing can take the stress off your shoulders while still providing expert support services in the area of employee benefits.   



With access to group rates from leading benefits providers, a PEO ensures companies get the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality.   



By outsourcing, you can have someone else handle administrative HR tasks such as enrolling employees in benefits programs and helping them understand their plans’ coverage details.  


#5. Improved Business Focus   


As a business owner, staying focused on the day-to-day operations of your auto dealership can be a challenge. With so many moving parts—from staff management to finances and complianceit can be difficult to maintain an effective focus. Fortunately, there are services (like ours) available that can help ease the burden and free up your time for more important tasks.   


By outsourcing HR responsibilities, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to growing your business with confidence.   

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In(Vested) in Your Success   


Ultimately, PEO services provide businesses access to an extensive range of human resources support, from payroll processing and benefits administration to compliance with various labor regulations. With our help, auto dealerships can reduce their administrative burden and free up valuable time that can be used on other more important business activities.  


We know there are many PEOs out there for businesses to choose from, but with Vested HR, you won’t call a call center. You will speak with a real person who knows your staff and is familiar with your needs.  


We are in(Vested) in your business! Contact us for a comprehensive business evaluation today by calling (844) 928-0925 or (727) 474-2114!