Creating a culture of employee recognition is essential for any business to succeed. Not only does it boost morale, but it also has the potential to increase productivity and job satisfaction among staff members.  


When your employees are happy and know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, they are more likely to stay loyal to your company. Our team of HR professionals has created this guide with five key tips for creating a culture of employee recognition in your workplace. 

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Be Specific and Relevant  


Being specific and relevant with employee recognition is key to creating a successful culture that will lead to improved performance and morale among employees.  


Managers should recognize employees for their individual accomplishments as well as their overall contribution to the team’s success.  


They should always specify what exactly the employee did to help the team or company in a particular way. This will encourage these behaviors from that employee to continue as well as encourage other employees to exhibit the same behaviors.  


Understand Recognition Comes in Various Shapes and Sizes 


Understanding that recognition comes in various shapes and sizes is essential to creating a culture of employee recognition that works for you.  


Recognition doesn’t always have to be monetary; simple acts like public acknowledgment or even just saying a genuine thank you can go a long way toward making your employees feel appreciated.  


A few general forms of appreciation for the whole team include:  

  • Offering flexible scheduling 
  • Providing additional vacation time 
  • Allowing employees to bring their pets to work 
  • Gift cards or small prizes 
  • Lunch or a treat for the whole team

Don’t Wait to Appreciate 


If you’ve noticed an employee has done something that is appreciated by management or the team, tell them right away! Don’t wait for the perfect moment or for performance reviews to come around to express appreciation. Spontaneous recognition comes across as much more genuine rather than waiting until later.  


Vested HR Tip: Try implementing “shout-outs” in email chains or a company group chat to enable your team to empower each other. 


Little Things Go a Long Way 


No matter how big or small your team’s accomplishments are, they shouldn’t go unnoticed or underappreciated. Now, it is important to remember they don’t need a big gesture either. A simple handwritten note, a quick email, or a verbal thank you while passing by can do just the trick to ensure everyone is getting the recognition they need.  


Connect Them to the Bigger Picture 


Share with your employees how specific tasks or behaviors they’ve exhibited have helped the company succeed in a specific area. Show them the numbers or show them that new positive review from a client. Make each individual know exactly how they are helping the company achieve its goals. 

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Boost Company Morale  


Employee recognition is an essential part of a successful workplace. It encourages employees to strive for their best, and it creates a positive environment where everyone feels appreciated.  


At Vested HR, we understand how important employee recognition is and strive to make sure that our clients have the tools they need to properly recognize their employees. With our expertise in HR solutions, we help employers create an atmosphere of appreciation and success in their organization. 


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