This October, as we sport our pink ribbons for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, remember that it’s more than just a symbol of support. For businesses and employers, especially those working with Vested HR, it’s a moment to reflect, act, and perhaps alter the trajectories of our employees’ lives through proactive healthcare benefits and screening options. 


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Acknowledge the Reality: Early Detection is Key 


Breast cancer touches lives indiscriminately, affecting individuals, and by extension, the workplace environments that house them. The factual terrain here is clear: early detection of breast cancer significantly amplifies the chances of successful treatment.  

It hinges primarily on the size and spread of the cancer at the time of diagnosis. Undeniably, early and regular screening has become an essential practice, one that employers can directly facilitate through their healthcare offerings. 


Early Screening Recommendations: A Guideline to Share and Implement 


In light of this, creating awareness among your team not only promotes a healthy workforce but also shows a genuine commitment to their wellbeing. Consider disseminating guidelines from reputable entities like the American Cancer Society, which recommends: 


  • Clinical breast exams every 3 years for those in their 20s and 30s, and annually after 40, 
  • Annual mammograms starting at age 40, 
  • Persistent self-awareness of breast health to identify and report anomalies. 


Your Role as Employers: Cultivating a Supportive, Proactive Environment 


Employers, especially those under the protective umbrella of a PEO like us at Vested HR, have the unique capacity to positively contribute. Offering a healthcare plan that provides access to regular and in-depth breast cancer screenings is a critical move. It’s more than a benefit—it’s a life-saving tool, granting access to vital screenings that might otherwise be financially or logistically out of reach. 


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Lowering Risks and Fostering a Healthy Lifestyle 


Beyond screenings, creating an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle also indirectly battles cancer’s encroachment. Encouraging behaviors to lower risks—like maintaining a healthy weight, promoting regular exercise, discouraging prolonged sitting, and moderating alcohol consumption, helps construct a preventative front. 


Let’s take a deeper look into these: 


  • Encouraging Exercise: Even brief, regular walks can prove beneficial. Foster an active workplace with small, playful challenges or short physical activity breaks. 
  • Mindful Sitting: Consider ergonomic setups and encourage standing breaks to disrupt prolonged sitting. 
  • Moderating Alcohol: Perhaps opt for mocktails during office celebrations or foster a culture where alcohol isn’t the core. 


The Invisible Impact: Moral, Productivity, and Beyond 


This attentiveness to employee health, particularly concerning something as pervasive as breast cancer, transcends physical well-being. It instills the workplace with morale, elevating productivity and loyalty. It sends a clear message: “We care, not just about the work you do but about you, your health, your future. 


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Vested HR at the Forefront: Championing Employee Wellness 


At Vested HR, championing your team’s health, especially in pivotal moments like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, remains at the core of our mission. It’s about navigating through the complex healthcare webs to curate and offer benefits that truly matter. 


This October, reflect on the tangible steps you can take for your team. Make certain that everyone has access to vital screenings and knowledge to show your employees that they are valued.  If you’re looking to explore comprehensive health benefits for your team, get in touch with Vested HR, and let’s secure our futures together.