Technology is everywhere; including the workplace. Making work easier, now that’s what we mean by human-focused. Our HR specialists outline the benefits of employee dashboards, the best features to include for both the company’s and employee’s benefit, and how our reliable PEO services leverage tech.  



Employee dashboards are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. They offer a range of benefits to both employers and employees by providing an effective way to monitor and improve workflows and provide real-time insight into employee work performance, timekeeping, and more.  


Utilizing HR-related technology is vital for everyone in the organization. Today’s self-service technology helps businesses stay organized and productive while ensuring that their staff is compliant with company policies. 


Keep reading as we outline the benefits of employee dashboards! When you’re ready to implement yours, remember our outsourced HR support to make it simple. Call our experienced HR experts to talk about how to improve your efficiency with great tech (and even better people.)   


Key Benefits: 


  • Employers: Can gain an understanding of how their staffing impacts key areas such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and quality control as you scale. 
  • Managers: Can track employee onboarding, HR tasks, compliance, implement training, and more. 
  • Employees: Can keep track of their progress and tasks (like requesting time off) in one central place. 


The Importance of Employee Dashboards 


When it comes to keeping employees involved in the dynamics of your company and their own status as team members, employee dashboards play a vital role.  


Essentially, employee dashboards are centralized electronic  

checkpoints where employees can start and end their day.  


Also known as Employee Self-Service portals, these dashboards typically have the following features: 


  • Updates on company news 
  • Links to change personal data, enroll in benefits, and performance evaluations  
  • Time trackers and time off requests 
  • Pay stubs and tax information  
  • And more! 


Though many businesses use electronic dashboards for tasks such as employee tracking, reporting, and information filing, it is important to think about employee portals or dashboards from the employees’ perspective as they will be interacting with them every day.  


The Benefits of Employee Dashboards 


Today, many employees work remotely and are not on-site to receive in-person messages. Or even if they are, how is company news communicated? Is an email an effective way to send the news to every employee? Probably not for everyone.  


The importance of having a place for employees to “check in” every day to see what is going on and complete timekeeping and other HR tasks cannot be understated.   



“I really had no idea how much I was doing on my own that could be outsourced, saving me both time and money.” 




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Finding an Employee Dashboard System 


Once you sign on with Vested HR for our PEO services, you will have access to the employee portal that is built-in into our platform.  


In this portal, your employees will have access to: 


  • Online web-based HR/payroll system 
  • Payroll processing and reports 
  • Timekeeping  
  • The calculation, filing, and submission of payroll and all payroll taxes 
  • Time and attendance solutions 
  • Vacation/sick/PTO and state-mandated leave tracking 
  • 100% direct deposit and pay card options 
  • Wage garnishment remittance and calculation 
  • W-2 processing and distribution 


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Tailored PEO Services  


If you think that a self-service employee dashboard could help streamline your business, working with Vested HR is the right choice! Leveraging HR technology solutions can help you unlock the full potential of your team, increase productivity and ultimately improve your organization’s bottom line.  


As your PEO partner, we will provide tailored HR and payroll solutions that will take care of your employees while you focus on the growth of your company.  


Ready to get started? Contact our HR professionals at Vested HR today at (844) 928-0925 or (727) 474-2114 to learn more about our services.