From the moment your employees hit login to our HR platform, they are greeted with an interface that caters to their every need—from checking pay stubs and requesting time off to effortlessly accessing important documents like their W2 and benefits information. 


Today, we’ll give you a sneak peek into what your team sees when they login to Vested HR! 

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The Vested HR Platform  


We believe that user-friendliness is the essence of good HR software. As soon as your staff logs into our HR platform, they will be greeted by a welcoming dashboard that’s intuitive and straightforward.  


Inside they will find: 

employment summary Vested HR

#1. Employment Summary 


The ‘Employment Summary’ offers a quick and comprehensive overview of an employee’s work journey. 


 It includes: 

  • Hire date 
  • Position 
  • Rate of pay 
  • Next review date 
  • Employee ID  


This gives your team a glance at their roles and when they can expect their next performance review.  

Payment page of HR platform

#2. Pay and Earnings 


In the pay section, your staff can effortlessly access all their pay information including their pay stubs, tax documents, W-2s, and more, all neatly arranged and easy to understand.  

W2 page of HR platform

#3. Paid Time Off 


To check on their ‘Paid Time Off’, employees won’t need to go through HR. They can apply for days off, check on their PTO, and track their past vacation days with a simple click. This enhances satisfaction because they have control and transparency over their leave management.  

PTO page of HR platform

#4. Benefits 


The benefits tab provides a detailed overview of provided perks, from health insurance to retirement. The user-friendly format presents plain, digestible information, making benefits a less stressful subject, whether they are covering just themselves or their families.  


#5. Events  


Last, the ‘Events’ section fosters employee engagement. Birthdays, work anniversaries, team activities – they all find a spot here. It’s a space to promote a sense of community and strengthen bonds between your staff.  

homepage of Vested HR platform

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We’re In(Vested) in Your Team 


The intuitive nature of our HR platform, combined with its optimization for performance, greatly enhances productivity and overall user satisfaction. It may seem like we’ve wrapped up something dealing with human resources—a topic generally perceived as complex—into a streamlined package. And that’s because we did!  


Ready to set your staff up for success? Contact our HR pros at Vested HR for a business consultation today!  




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