Most likely, your business’s money-maker is not handling payroll, taxes, benefits, recruitment, employee relations, labor law compliance or another Human Resources-related function.  However, the proper administration of these activities is key to the successful operation of any business.  So, how can you take care of and grow your business’s main source of revenue without being sidetracked by the very time-consuming and challenging responsibilities that these non-revenue-producing duties entail?

The answer is simple— outsource your Human Resources functions!

You are not required to become an expert in personnel-related matters, have the need to buy expensive Human Resources technology or employ pricey (and very scarce) Human Resources specialists to take care of these obligations for you.  You can avoid this cost and hassle— and save the additional office space— as there are whole companies out there which are exclusively dedicated to helping businesses with the day-to-day administration of their Human Resources-related tasks.  From saving you money, to giving you peace of mind, to allowing you to show better appreciation for your employees, the benefits of using outsourcing services for your Human Resources functions are significant.

Outsourcing your Human Resources-related activities simplifies your business operations, freeing your team’s time so they may focus— full-time— on making your business more profitable.  This boosted investment of resources on what makes your company money should be substantial enough to move you to outsource the management of your business’s Human Resources tasks.  However, not only does Human Resources outsourcing saves you money— mainly by shifting the focus of your business’s energy to activities that grow revenue— but also liberates you from the worry and anxiety that come with the responsibility of insuring local, state and federal labor law and regulation compliance.

There are countless legal requirements involved in the administration of Human Resources operations, and the Human Resources industry is just becoming knottier, year after year, with recent disruptions like reformed healthcare and tax laws and changing wage and hour rules.  Staying up-to-date regarding these constantly fluctuating laws and regulations that impact the workplace is very important.  Therefore, trusting your Human Resources-related tasks and related risk management efforts to industry experts whose responsibility is precisely to stay abreast of labor-related legislation would surely give peace of mind to any business.  Aside from saving money and insuring Human Resources-related compliance, another advantage that comes with partnering with a Human Resources outsourcing firm is being able to offer health benefits to employees (or improving those that a business already offers to its eligible workforce).

Robust health benefit packages are usually only made available to employees of large companies, due to the high cost and administrative burdens involved in the management of employee health insurance.  However, when this task is undertaken by a specialized third-party, small- and medium-sized businesses are able to offer their employees attractive health benefits, insurance and retirement plans that would otherwise not be accessible to them.  Showing appreciation to your employees through appealing offerings like these increases employee morale and, in turn, their productivity is also improved— this is a win-win situation!

Thanks to the existence of these Human Resources outsourcing services, you can now focus on what matters most to your business.  These outsourcing firms have made Human Resources their core business so you can pay full attention to yours and avoid wasting as much of your resources on this grueling but critical obligation.

It makes most sense to save time and money, while keeping your business in compliance and your employees happy and productive, by letting the experts handle what they do best so you can focus on what you do best and thrive— HR-worry-free!

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Toni Curling, M.Ed., SHRM-CP

Client Service Manager