How Vested HR Assists with Workers’ Compensation

Vested HR helps with your company’s administrative tasks using a transparent, human-focused approach that will help your organization thrive.

What We Do at VestedHR

Your employees are your greatest asset, and you need to provide them with the protection they deserve. Vested HR can guide you on compliance and give you access to top-tier workers’ compensation insurance. We leverage our group buying power and access to multiple “A” rated carriers to offer you competitive rates and give you the means to manage a policy.

Our PEO workers’ compensation services reduce your exposure by improving compliance with regulations, claims administration, safety program development, OSHA training, safety audits, and loss control. Our experienced workers’ comp experts have the tools and resources you need to create a safer workplace and lower your workers’ comp expenses.

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Claims Administration

Workers’ comp claims administration is a deceptively complicated process. Vested HR’s claims management team acts as a liaison between the workers’ comp carrier, the injured employee, your company, and the medical care provider. This ensures strong communication while reducing issues that could lead to disputes and litigation.

We are responsive, experienced, and focused on getting your claims filed and paid while helping prevent fraudulent claims. We can assist in all aspects of claims administration, from investigation through final resolution.
We work closely with carriers to assist injured employees in making a timely recovery at the right cost to return to work as soon as possible. With a customized return-to-work program, we will help your company increase employee morale and reduce the cost of workers’ comp claims.

OSHA Compliance Reporting

An important part of OSHA compliance is accurate record-keeping of work-related injuries or occupational diseases. Also, employers are required to complete and submit the OSHA Summary Page Form 300 every year between February 1 and April 30. This should be done even if no work-related injuries or occupational diseases have occurred during the year.

Our dedicated compliance management team will conduct an audit of your company’s OSHA compliance history and recommend changes to ensure compliance. We’ll ensure OSHA Form 300A is completed and posted accurately and on time. When an injury occurs, we will record all appropriate entries on the OSHA Form 300.


Small businesses benefit from using a PEO! According to a recent study by noted economists Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer, businesses that partner with a PEO:
  • GROW Faster
  • Are 50% LESS likely to go out of business
  • Have a 27.1 % ROI
  • Have lower employee turnover

Workplace Safety Audits

Vested HR offers internal safety audits that match sweeping OSHA inspections with photos and full written reports showing any safety hazards. We will thoroughly analyze all safety-related documents including your hazardous material management plan, environmental program measures, and accident reports. Our safety compliance experts will highlight potential safety and compliance problems in your OSHA 300 forms.

Our safety audits don’t end when we point out your safety and compliance issues. We’ll implement a methodical action plan to ensure your company is compliant with necessary regulations and is a safer workplace for your team.

Loss Prevention Strategies

An effective onsite safety program is perhaps the most effective way of reducing the risk of workplace accidents and combating rising workers’ compensation premiums. Vested HR works with you to develop employee handbooks and safety manuals that are tailored to the safety needs of your company. We use our broad range of experience and extensive resources to help you implement effective injury prevention strategies.

Our loss prevention strategies include:

  • Development of safety manuals
  • Employee safety training programs
  • Detailed employee handbooks with safety best practices
  • Implementation of an injury and illness prevention program covering hazard assessment and correction, responsibility, accident investigation, and record-keeping
  • Help implement a drug-free and drug-testing program
  • Guidance on compliance with OSHA and other governing agencies
  • Emergency action plan

Pay-As-You-Go Compensation Programs

With Vested HR, you get pay-as-you-go PEO workers comp in Florida. Pay-as-you-go compensation is basically a set of installments. It relies on each payroll to calculate premiums and allows your workers’ comp liability to be spread throughout the year.

The amount you pay is based on each payroll you run, resulting in more accurate premiums. Your liability will change if you lose employees or hire more talent. No surprise lump sums due at the end of the year.

Managing Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (COI) are an important part of managing liability in your company. These documents contain all the essential details of an insurance policy in a standardized, easily digestible format. They protect a policy’s status, reduce risk exposure, and protect against unforeseen liabilities when working with vendors and subcontractors.

Our COI management service allows you to improve, get control of the process, and eliminate the headaches associated with managing certificates.
As part of our PEO workers’ comp and risk management solutions, we offer a COI management service. We will properly obtain, inspect, verify, and update these documents on your behalf. We help you determine when a certificate will expire and send notifications of an upcoming expiration so it can be renewed on time.

We also track insufficient limits, missing policies, and missing additional terms. Our team provides regular reports that detail noncompliance issues by contractors and vendors.

Protect Your Employees and Your Business

When you partner with Vested HR for PEO workers’ comp in Florida, you’re getting significant cost savings and a partner that ensures your best interests are always at the forefront. You can rely on us for personalized, one-on-one dedicated service.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help get your workers’ comp risk under control.