As a business owner or manager, you’re likely familiar with KPIs (key performance indicators). While KPIs are a valuable tool to track progress and measure success in the workplace, they can also feel uninspiring and even demotivate employees.  


In this article, our HR team explores ways you can reinvent KPIs in the workplace to keep your team engaged. 


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KPI: Keep People Inspired 


Ultimately, the key to keeping people inspired through KPIs is to focus on creating a positive work culture that fosters collaboration, creativity, and open communication.  


When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, which can lead to better performance and results for your organization. 


Meet 1-on-1 to Understand Your Employees’ Values 


As we progress in our careers, our priorities shift. Money and career advancement may be our main motivations early on, but as we grow and experience life, other values come to the forefront, such as purpose, flexibility, and well-being.  


Leaders must recognize these evolving priorities and show a genuine interest in understanding employees’ values through one-on-one discussions. This not only reinforces a compassionate (we call it human-focused) culture but also helps to retain valuable employees. 


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Avoid Talking Metrics at Every Meeting

Don’t let metrics take over your meetings! Instead, show your team how their work connects to the big picture. If you’re tracking sales, explain how it contributes to the company’s growth.  

Help your team understand how their individual goals fit into the larger vision – it’ll make their work feel more meaningful. Hello, extra motivation. 


Play to Your Team’s Strengths 


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to leverage the best qualities of your staff. Create KPIs that play to each team member’s strengths, rather than solely focusing on areas for improvement. 

For instance, if someone is good at building relationships with clients, make that a key metric for them to focus on. This empowers your team and boosts their confidence in their abilities. Both are big wins for your company! 


Play to your team’s strengths like a conductor of an orchestra.
Each player has a unique instrument, but together,
they create something beautiful. 


Display and Encourage Authenticity 


No one is perfect – including managers. Leaders who show vulnerability and take responsibility for their mistakes can inspire employees and be more relatable. Allowing employees to see leadership as human encourages a company culture of learning from mistakes.

Be There for Your Team 


Finally, it’s crucial to be there for your team. When employees feel supported and valued, they’re more likely to be more inspired & productive.

We suggest:

  • Regular check-ins with the team and one-on-one  
  • Create a collaborative and inspiring work environment 
  • When appropriate, offer support for both work and personal matters 
  • As goals are met recognize the achievements of both individuals & the team 


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Keep Your Team Inspired 


At Vested HR, we understand the importance of keeping your team inspired and engaged. We say we’re human-focused, and we mean it.  

Contact our nationwide HR specialists to find out how our reliable HR management services can help you reinvent KPIs in the workplace and better engage your team.