Summertime brings with it a unique set of challenges for employers and employees alike. As the temperatures rise and vacations are planned, maintaining productivity and engagement in the office can become increasingly difficult.  


Whether it’s managing employee vacation requests or creating a comfortable work environment, these valuable insights from Vested HR will not only keep your employees happy but also boost productivity during the warmer months. So, let’s dive into essential summertime office tips from our experts! 

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Beat the Heat and Enhance Work-life Balance this Summer 


Follow these tips to help your staff beat the heat and boost employee satisfaction this summer. 


  • Implement a Summer Dress Code
  • Review Your PTO Policy
  • Consider Flexible Schedules
  • Focus on Health & Safety
  • Schedule Fun Activities
  • Have a Plan for Severe Weather


#1. Implement a Summer Dress Code 


Consider a relaxed dress code during the summer months. Allowing employees to wear more casual and breathable clothing can contribute significantly to their comfort and overall productivity.  


And it doesn’t just have to be for “causal Friday.” Encourage staff members to opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen and embrace short-sleeved shirts or dresses throughout the work week – while maintaining professionalism, of course!  


HR Tip: Provide clear guidelines on what is acceptable attire for the office during summer. This will ensure that employees understand any boundaries that need to be respected despite the relaxed dress code. 


#2. Review Your PTO Policy  


It’s no surprise that time off requests surge during the sunny months of summer, it’s prime vacation season after all!  


It’s crucial to effectively communicate your company’s policy 

 regarding paid time off during summertime.  


Make sure your employees are aware of the company’s vacation policy and how it applies to summer holidays. This includes clearly outlining: 


  • How much paid time off they are entitled to 
  • Any blackout periods or restrictions in place for certain dates 
  • Any requirements for advance notice when requesting time off 
  • If you allow team members to trade shifts to allow for more flexibility  


Be transparent about whether unused vacation days can be carried forward to future years or if they expire at the end of each year. Also, it is important to take into account maternity leave, sick days, disability leave, etc.  

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#3. Consider Flexible Schedules  


Calling in late or calling out altogether happens often during the summer months. This is where being a little flexible can help.  


By introducing flexible schedules, you can empower your employees to better self-manage their work-life balance during the summer months.  



Many businesses implement “Summer Fridays” where their staff work half days or are given time off on Fridays. This can boost productivity during a time when employees may be more distracted than usual.   


HR tip: Not all business models can implement a flexible scheduling policy, and that’s okay! There are other ways to boost morale during the summer.  


#4. Focus on Health & Safety  


Sometimes the heat can not only be uncomfortable but dangerous, particularly for those working in warehouses or performing manual labor.  


As temperatures rise, it’s crucial for employers  

to prioritize their workers’ safety and well-being.  



  • Stay hydrated: Provide coolers filled with chilled water bottles or install hydration stations strategically around the office or warehouse. Remind employees to take frequent breaks and refill their bottles regularly. 


  • Summer Uniforms: Ensure your uniforms are made from lightweight, breathable materials that will also protect your staff from the sun ray’s if they are outside.  


  • Office Temperature: Keep the office cool with a set temperature that is comfortable for your entire staff. Though we all have our own “perfect temperature” don’t allow employees to change the thermostat to keep things fair.   


HR Tip: Incentivize your staff to stay hydrated with company-issued refillable water bottles or a contest to see how many water bottle refills your team can get in a certain period. Don’t forget to consider an enticing prize!  


Risk Management > Safety Tips to Keep Workers Safe in Hot Weather  

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#5. Schedule Fun Activities  


Summer fun isn’t just for your team’s off time; you can make the work week fun too! Consider implementing a summer picnic or BBQ, or even a company-wide trip to the beach or theme park.  


Getting to know your staff on a personal level is crucial for fostering strong relationships within your organization. When employees feel comfortable with each other and with their managers, communication improves, trust is built, and collaboration becomes more effective. 


#6. Have a Plan for Severe Weather  


When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s easy to forget about the potential risks that severe weather can bring. However, it is crucial to have a contingency plan in place for any unexpected storms or extreme weather conditions that may arise during the summer months. 


Start by assessing potential risks specific to your geographical location during the summer months. While some regions are prone to thunderstorms leading to power outages or damages from high winds, others might face the threat of hurricanes. 


Also, it is crucial to make sure you have clear communication channels established with all employees. Keep them informed about any severe weather alerts or warnings issued by local authorities. Whether it be through email updates, text messages, or a company-wide notification system, prompt and transparent communication can help your staff stay informed and take necessary precautions. 


Tips for Hurricane Season > Stormy Weather FAQs for Business Owners  

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Have a Safe & Productive Summer  


By implementing these summertime office tips from our HR experts at Vested HR, you can ensure a safe and productive summer for yourself and your colleagues. Don’t forget, it’s important to communicate with your team and establish clear expectations during this time of year.  


Need help with the burden of HR-related tasks this summer? That’s where our team at Vested HR comes in! From workers’ compensation and risk management to payroll and employee benefits, we are in(Vested) in helping your business THRIVE!  


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