Maintaining current, accurate and professionally written job descriptions is critical to an organizations ability to attract qualified candidates, onboard and training employees, maintain job performance standards, set goals, develop compensation tiers, meet legal requirements and retain top talent.

Before you kickstart your hiring process, it is essential to have job descriptions in place for each unique position that you are recruiting for.

A job description is the document that provides job applicants and employees with an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the role for which they are applying. Clearly defined duties and responsibilities lay a foundation of understanding to the candidate about their expectations. When written accurately, the job description serves as a map of skills, qualifications, expectations and opportunities

Employees and managers alike use job descriptions to have a clear and mutual understanding about job expectations. This can not only prepare and set guidelines for employees but also make the process of performance management easier to document and assess for managers.

It is important to remember that a job is a collection of tasks, duties and responsibilities that are assigned to an individual. A job exists regardless of who performs the functions; therefore, the job description should be outlined based on the job and not the employee.

Many organizations struggle with job descriptions, recycling and reusing what they have always used. If you are struggling at attracting and retaining top talent, you should consider an overhaul of your job descriptions, Vested HR can help!

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Toni Curling, M.Ed., SHRM-CP

Client Service Manager