Accreditation with Employer
Services Assurance Corporation

June 2, 2020 –



Vested HR Solutions, LLC * (“VHR”) is proud to announce that we have recently achieved accreditation with Employer Services Assurance Corporation (“ESAC”).  ESAC is the gold standard for the PEO industry, just as FDIC is the gold standard for banks.   For our PEO to be accredited by ESAC, VHR must meet more than 40 financial and operational reliability standards on an ongoing basis.  Our accreditation provides peace of mind to you through financial protection backed by more than $15 million in surety bonds held in a national bank’s trust for your benefit.ESAC will be sending your company a direct email with information on VHR’s accreditation, and what it means to you and your company.  For more information, please feel free to contact a member of our VHR Team.