Supporting Employee and
Customer Health

(COVID–19 Update)


As the coronavirus (COVID–19) situation evolves, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate remains our top priority. We are closely monitoring developments while preparing for a number of scenarios. We have implemented the following measures to support our employees and the businesses who depend on Vested HR Solutions.


  • Vested HR Solutions employees have always been encouraged to stay home when sick. We have provided staff with additional guidelines, as well as resources to educate themselves about COVID–19 and ways to reduce the risk of spreading germs.


  • We’re suspending non-essential business travel and encouraging employees to utilize phone and video conferencing in its place.
  • We’re conducting all candidate interviews over video conference in place of in-person meetings.

Payroll Tax Holiday

  • We are actively monitoring government action around any payroll tax initiatives and we will pass along any information we receive to our customers.

Business Continuity

  • All Vested HR Solutions employees are equipped to work remotely and our existing business continuity plan enables ongoing system operations in the case of an office closure or other interruption.

We will send updated with any changes to our policies. We’d like to thank our employees and customers for their partnership in helping minimize the impact of COVID–19 at work and at home.