“Blue-collar workers”?  “White-collar jobs”?  You have probably heard these colorful descriptions before, but do you know what they mean?

The term “white-collar” has been used since the 1920s to describe a non-manual labor job or worker because the traditional attire in an office or a professional environment is a suit, a tie and a white shirt.  It is unclear when the term “blue-collar” was first used, but it describes a manual labor job or worker because the color blue references the traditional blue denim overalls or shirts worn by manual laborers.


Blue-collar workers: 

Blue-collar workers are those that perform jobs that demand skilled or unskilled manual labor.  Unlike the unskilled type, skilled manual labor requires specialized skills, training and education (usually from a trade school) to successfully perform the job.

Examples of skilled blue-collar jobs:  Carpenters, cooks, electricians, painters EMTs, firefighters, plumbers, police officers and welders.

Examples of unskilled blue-collar jobs:  laborers, dishwashers, agricultural workers, grocery clerks, janitors, messengers, miners and oil field workers.


White-collar workers:

White-collar workers (more commonly referred to as “employees” or “professionals”) are those that occupy skilled, non-manual labor jobs.  These types of jobs typically require advanced specialized skills, training and education (usually from a four-year college or university) to successfully perform the job.

Examples of white-collar jobs:  Accountants, architects, attorneys, bankers, doctors, engineers, pharmacists and teachers.

The educational requirements, work settings, and physical and mental demands may be different between blue-collar and white-collar jobs.  However, one is not better than the other.  Traditionally, many assumed, that white-collar jobs paid higher salaries than most blue-collar ones, but that is not the case. It is not uncommon to find many blue-collar workers earning higher wages than white-collar employees.

No matter which path a worker may decide to take— both offer the opportunity to reach professional and financial success!

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Toni Curling, M.Ed., SHRM-CP

Client Service Manager