The current HR climate — in large part driven by the #MeToo movement — is raising expectations for departments around the country to implement policies and establish workplace cultures that meet a diverse spectrum of needs and demands. At the same time, a Newsweek article ( demonstrates that many employees believe their HR departments are failing them.

The media has focused considerable attention to the indiscretions that ignited the movement and considerably less on how particular industries — or the business community as a whole — has responded. As such, there is a significant opportunity for PEOs to establish themselves as leaders in the cultural conversation about how businesses should, and must, restructure policies and working environments to align with 21st century expectations.

Furthermore, there is an important discussion happening about the record levels of employee turnover and how American businesses can attract and, critically, retain top talent. As such, there is a natural entry point for PEOs to comment on what businesses must do if they wish to close the turnover gap.

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Toni Curling, M.Ed., SHRM-CP

Client Service Manager