As an employer, one of the most impactful ways you can support your staff is by providing a robust selection of healthcare benefits. Essential to fostering a healthy workplace and improving employee retention, high-quality healthcare plans truly make a difference in the lives of your team members! 


What’s in it for your team?  


  • Medical Plans 
  • Dental & Vision 
  • Supplemental Insurance  
  • Retirement 
  • Legal Plans  


Let’s explore some of our standout health plans at Vested HR! Here, we’re talking all about benefits 

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Medical Plans 


With your employees’ well-being at heart, we’ve tailored packages to accommodate a vast array of medical needs. Whether it’s preventive care, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, or chronic disease management, our plans strive to provide your team with a reassuring foundation for their health and well-being. 


We are proud to offer health plans from Angle Health. These top-notch plans are powered by the sought-after and extensive Cigna network, ensuring that our clients have access to quality healthcare services for their employees nationwide.  


Dental & Vision 


Vested HR is proud to offer an array of voluntary dental and vision plans, ranging from comprehensive high-coverage options to basic, more affordable plans. Our goal is to provide options that can cater to various needs and preferences of your employees.  


Voluntary Dental 


As an employer considering the health plans you can offer your team, our Voluntary Dental plan is a must. This coverage prioritizes the routine care essential for maintaining oral health including: 


  • Cleanings 
  • Examinations 
  • X-rays 
  • Fillings 
  • Extractions 
  • Orthodontia (for dependent children only) 


With deductibles that range from as low as $50 to a maximum of $150, there is a suitable dental plan tailored to cater to each unique need. 


Managed Dental Plan 


In addition to typical dental insurance, we also present an alternative – the Managed Dental Plan. With this plan, your team members pay a set monthly rate, coupled with a co-payment that ranges from $0-$1,000 for any services used. This approach serves as a flexible and viable option for many employees ensuring oral health is well within reach.  


Apart from regular check-ups, this extensive covers unexpected dental procedures and surgeries, providing your team with even more reasons to smile. 


Voluntary Vision 


Don’t overlook the health of your team’s eyesight. We’re excited to also offer voluntary vision coverage which helps cover fees for annual preventive care eye check-ups, glasses, and contacts, safeguarding the sight of your diligent workers.  


Plus, with monthly rates of just $6-$22 and copays of $10-$25, this coverage is affordable!  


Supplemental Insurance 


At Vested HR, we go a step further to provide comprehensive supplemental insurance plans including: 


  • Accident 
  • Hospital Indemnity 
  • Critical illness insurance 
  • Life insurance  
  • Disability insurance  




Accident insurance provides a lump sum payment to help cover expenses that health insurance doesn’t cover if a team member were injured in an accident. This includes costs like deductibles, copayments, and non-covered services.  


  • Benefits are based on a schedule that varies depending on the plan (High Plan or Low Plan)and the injury. 


Hospital Indemnity 


Hospital Indemnity insurance helps cover the costs of a hospital stay that are not covered by traditional health insurance plans. With high and low plans available, we have an option that will fit the needs of any employee!  


  • Benefits are based on a schedule that varies depending on the plan (High Plan or Low Plan), state, and the incident. 


Critical Illness Insurance 


If unexpected injuries or illnesses lead to unexpected expenses, these supplemental insurance options can offer a financial cushion, providing money directly to your employees.  


  • Employees are offered a choice of $15,000 or $30,000 benefit amount. 
  • Spouse/Domestic Partners will be offered 50% and Dependent Child(ren) are offered 50% of the Employee benefit amount. 


Life Insurance  


We all understand the importance of securing the financial future of our loved ones. If you choose to offer MetLife products, Vested HR provides a free $5,000 life insurance policy to each of your employees. Additionally, your employees can elect voluntary term life insurance for themselves and their dependents.  


Our life insurance policies help ensure financial security for your team’s loved ones in the event of their untimely death.  


Disability Insurance  


Medical insurance may cover treatments due to accidents or illnesses, but what about your employees’ income during the recovery period? We strive to alleviate this concern by offering both employer-paid and voluntary plans for short-term and long-term disability insurance.  


This way, even during challenging times, your employees’ financial stability remains intact.  

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Retirement Plans 


Helping your employees – and yourself in the process – plan for their future is a complex task. That’s where our 401(k) plans come into play. It takes care of the fiduciary and audit responsibilities for you, lifting a significant load off your shoulders. 


Plus, this plan allows you the flexibility to determine the extent of your match dollar contributions, if you choose to make any at all. Further, the safe harbor options can encourage even more employees to participate.  


Legal Plans  


From the preparation of wills and trusts to dealing with identity theft, our legal plans cover a range of services to protect and assist your staff in legal matters.  


At just $21 a month through MetLife, our legal plans are there when your employees need help!  


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We’re In(Vested) in Your Team 


As you can see, we have it all covered and can find the right-sized solution for your business and budget. From robust medical plans to essential ancillary and voluntary benefits, our team at Vested HR is committed to ensuring the happiness and well-being of your staff. 


By partnering with us, you can provide your employees with peace of mind and security, knowing that their health and financial needs are taken care of.  


Don’t wait  – contact Vested HR at (727) 474-2114 or (844) 928-0925 today and take the first step toward building a healthier and happier workforce!