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Vested HR helps with your company’s administrative tasks using a transparent, human-focused approach that will help your organization thrive.

What We Do at VestedHR

Vested HR provides simplified and personalized PEO HR in Florida in a timely and compliant manner. We use programs and tools that take care of your team, support an empowering approach to employee management, and keep everyone on the same page. We can handle the administrative HR functions that bog you down, so you can get back to running, and growing, your business.

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PEO HR Services in Florida

When you partner with Vested HR for PEO HR in Florida, you get access to a team of experienced HR experts ready to help you develop the policies and procedures that will help your company stay competitive in your industry. From recruiting and employee handbooks to training and performance management, we bring you the human resources support and strategy to help your employees thrive.

We provide HR administration guidance, tools, software, and training that empower your team to adapt and grow. We support your business with custom human resources solutions that give you the freedom to run your business with confidence and peace of mind.

What’s more, you’ll have peace knowing Vested HR is managing your important employee information in a secure human resource information system. It’s completely customizable with names, performance reviews, titles, payment histories, benefits administration, disciplinary records, training records, PTO usage, employee attendance, and more.

HR Solutions for Your Industry

Using our PEO HR services comes with many benefits, including:

  • Freeing up your time: We’ll focus on the details you focus on core business functions.
  • Saving you money: We give you greater buying power and protect you from non-compliance issues.
  • Increased employee retention: We reduce turnover by offering competitive benefits, employee incentive programs, and resources that are easy to navigate.
  • Smoother onboarding: Our team will handle the onboarding process on your behalf to effectively integrate employees into your company culture.
  • Retaining control: You make all decisions and keep full control over your employees.

Vested HR alleviates the burden of juggling staffing priorities, productivity, and HR compliance so you can have more time to manage and grow your business.


Small businesses benefit from using a PEO! According to a recent study by noted economists Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer, businesses that partner with a PEO:
  • GROW Faster
  • Are 50% LESS likely to go out of business
  • Have a 27.1 % ROI
  • Have lower employee turnover

HR Handbook and Policy Formulation

Clearly defined employee policies promote better employee relations and protect you, the employer, from potential liability and compliance issues. An effective employee handbook should educate employees about the management’s expectations and serve as a reference in case of an employment dispute.

Vested HR helps create, review, and update employee handbooks to make sure they are accurate, compliant, and up-to-date. We work with you to customize your employee handbook with rich and unique information that perfectly reflects your company culture and unique needs.

Our extensive, customized handbook clearly communicates work rules, informs employees what is expected of them, maintains consistency, and highlights what benefits your employees are entitled to. Vested HR’s handbooks are reviewed by an experienced labor and employment law firm to ensure compliance with all regulations. Plus, we provide timely updates to address changing laws and regulations.

Employee Screening and Background Checks

Vested HR’s employee screening services can help your company find qualified candidates, hire with more confidence, and save time and money. In today’s lean and fast-paced workplace, making a bad hire due to poor pre-employment screening could cost you more than the money and time spent interviewing, recruiting, and training a new employee. There can be liability issues, financial implications, and potential reputational damage.

Our recruiters will review candidates to verify their relevance based on the stated requirements of the job opening. We help conduct initial phone interviews to determine if applicants have the required qualifications and to further narrow the pool of candidates. Before you make a job offer, we conduct background checks to review the candidates’:

  • Criminal history
  • Wants and warrants check
  • Employment history
  • Education and certificates
  • Professional license
  • Credit checks
  • Driving records
  • Social security address and alias trace

We also conduct new hire/pre-employment drug testing to determine if a candidate uses illegal substances or abuses prescription medication. When you have a drug-free workplace, you can expect less turnover and absenteeism, high productivity, reduced risk of fraud and employee theft, and an overall healthier workplace.

Talent Management

Globalization, growing government regulation, and technology are reshaping the way people learn, work, lead, and collaborate. During change, managing talent has become crucial for attracting critical talent and shaping a workforce with the skills and tools to deliver on business strategy now and in the future. Vested HR’s talent management team works with you to ensure that you have the right people with the right skills and tools needed to sustain and scale impact.

Our PEO HR in Florida assists you with the development of a talent management program that incorporates an integrated process and resources for attracting and developing critical talent, matching talent to where the most value is at stake and ensuring commitment.

We help small and mid-sized business realign their talent needs and align them with business goals to increase innovation, productivity, and customer-centricity levels.

We achieve this by:

  • Defining workforce segments
  • Defining talent management goals
  • Developing the talent management plan
  • Developing training programs, benefits, compensation, rewards

Employee Relations and Retention

After spending significant time and money recruiting, hiring, and training employees, you want them to stay around and be fully committed to bringing your vision to life. Employee retention is a critical issue that you should address before your business turns into a revolving door for talent. Vested HR can manage important tasks like employee recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll management, and benefits administration to help you retain new talent and keep your team strong.

We work with you to transform your employees into productive teams with performance management tools and techniques that work. This involves:

  • Investing in employees
  • Ensuring employees are engaged
  • Building a positive culture
  • Acknowledging your employees’ contribution to the business

Vested HR can also act as a mediator when disputes and grievances occur between employees and between management and employees. With proactive and proper handling, minor disputes can be resolved before they become major problems.

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At Vested HR, we understand your people are your greatest asset and that’s why we offer employee-centric PEO HR in Florida to support your company throughout the entire employee life cycle. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our PEO services.