Vested HR views transparency as one of our most vital aspects of service for all our clients.

There are many employee benefits of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that will help take your company to the next level of success. These benefits are only one piece of the puzzle. There are several other elements that are required if you want your business to grow and have a great reputation. Transparency is an important part of success. That’s why reputable PEO service providers insist on being open and honest with their clients.

Here are a few reasons why PEO companies insist on being transparent:

This is the Right Way to Do Business for PEO Service Providers

Before diving into the professional or business part of the discussion, let’s start off with a humanistic or societal reason for transparency: it’s the right thing to do. After all, look around you. There’s been an epiphany of sorts in how workers expect to be treated by the companies that employ them.

To make this happen, PEOs must be transparent when partnering with a company. Then, you can pass this on to your employees, which will put you in the upper echelon of respected businesses.

Brand Reputation Is at Stake

It’s impossible to oversell the importance of proper branding. PEO service providers are under as much scrutiny as other businesses when it comes to their brand’s reputation. What’s even more important, though, is that the transparency a PEO company brings to the table will be reflected in your company’s own ability to brand itself as professional and respectable. It may sound funny that simple concepts like honesty and straightforwardness could improve a brand, but it’s true.

Retain Quality Employees

If finding high-quality employees is like running a marathon, then retaining those employees is akin to competing in an Olympic event. PEO HR solutions include everything from payroll services and healthcare to workers’ comp and risk management, which are important to the majority of employees at one time or another.

Through the use of a PEO service that’s transparent about what they offer and how they assist your business’ workers with a variety of benefits. Your company will find that it’s easier to keep excellent employees.

Workers Are More Productive

Transparency conveys a great deal of trust between the employer and employee, which makes the employee happier at their job. This starts with the PEO company providing your business with open and honest communication regarding benefits, risk management, etc. In turn, you can then pass this same level of transparency to the workers. This will give them a more vested interest in the company and improve their productivity.

Fosters an “Open Door Policy”

PEO service providers believe in fostering a work environment where an “open door policy” is the rule rather than the exception. However, just saying that you have an “open door policy” is rarely enough. You need to prove it so that employees are comfortable with exercising the right you’ve given them. Knowing that the PEO representatives have been transparent since the beginning will give businesses and their employees the confidence to maintain and use that “open door policy” as needed.

Company Goals Are Easier to Achieve

Employees are now aware of how they’re being treated, and showing both transparency and candor can give them a greater stake in a company’s goals. This all starts with the PEO company’s being honest and straightforward. By knowing that transparency is the rule rather than the exception, your business can pass that along to employees and form a better relationship. This can lead to more accomplished goals and more success.

More Organic Online Presence

Transparency isn’t limited to the work environment. PEO service providers believe in transparency for not only employees and clients but also the general public. Businesses that interact in an open and honest way on social media often get more attention and definitely more respect than those that don’t.

This begins at the PEO level. The PEO company will be straightforward in dealing with your business. You can rest assured that you’re always sharing accurate information on social media.

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The best PEO service providers are those that cultivate an atmosphere of transparency between workers, management, and HR.

Vested HR can help ensure your company’s success through the use of employee benefits, risk management, payroll services, and more. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible with all our clients and treat them as humans, rather than numbers. If you have any questions, reach out to us at (727) 474-2114 today.