The facts are simple:  businesses that work with PEOs grow faster and are less likely to fail.  This is because PEOs tackle the complicated tasks of payroll, compliance, assistance, benefits, and other HR functions so that business owners can focus on the ideas that drive growth and profitability.

While these tasks alone may not seem core to revenue generation, studies show that outsourcing these services leads to increased profitability, business growth, and overall employee satisfaction.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the engine that power America’s economic growth.  PEOs are their partners in that effort, ensuring they’re able to focus on what they’re best at – creating jobs for American workers, providing the necessary stability to support American families, and creating opportunity in communities across the country.

Please check the enclosed infographics for the value of PEOs.


Toni Curling, M.Ed., SHRM-CP

Client Service Manager